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Pragmatic solutions.  Immediate Results

Informative Interview

From Complexity to SimpIicity: ISO27001 certification

This client had a contractual obligation to achieve and maintain ISO27001 certification. After struggling for six months to create and implement an appropriate approach for their internal systems and technology, I was approached to help them.

Time was running out and morale was suffering.  Working with the CEO and CTO on a full-time basis, I designed and delivered a fully operational and evidence Information Security Management System.

The stage 1 and stage 2 audits were completed with no non-conformities and little stress!  All customer obligations met and achieved on time and to budget.

Casual Business Meeting
Digital Transformation

With this project, I supported the client to transform manual processes and create a centralised, cloud based service.  The data involved was highly sensitive and subject to stringent legal and regulatory oversight.

Acting as the Cybersecurity consultant, I worked with the Design and Development teams to create a highly secure, high availability system without compromising the user experience.

From initial requirements gathering, to defining and supporting transition into operations, I applied strong technical and business expertise to achieve approval to proceed and transform a critical public service. 

Adoption has been high and the system is in use across the UK.

Standing Meeting

Counter Fraud Strategy

In the security industry, each situation is unique and requires a specific set of solutions.  The programme of work was  to create and publish new industry standards and required a security and counter framework to be created from scratch.  The diverse nature of the organisations involved and the lack of agreement about what was proportionate and necessary created a layer of complexity that isn't present when working with a single organisation.

I created a collaborative governance structure and delivery plan that ensured all stakeholders were involved in the co-creation of the counter fraud strategy.  My personal approach and ability to negotiate solutions was critical to achieving success and fraud in the organisations that have fully implemented the framework is measurably lower than industry averages.

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