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About Us

Welcome to RTG Commercial Services Ltd.! We specialise in providing security advisory services to businesses of all sizes and industries. What they all have in common is a recognition and understanding of the value and importance of simple, streamlined information security.


With over 30 years of experience, RTG Commercial Services has developed a reputation for delivering innovative and effective solutions.  A commitment to simplifying problems and providing pragmatic solutions has helped us become the go-to consulting firm for many businesses. Our wide associate base allows us to draw on the expertise of a broad range of professionals, ensuring we always have the right team for the job. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you simplify your security and support business success.

Business Meeting

Rachel Gentry

Managing Director

Rachel is an experienced, security cleared leader and mentor with the practical knowledge and strategic insight to deliver positive business impact.  Her experience has spanned over 30 years in public and private sector organisations, advising and supporting board members and senior leaders. Current areas of expert delivery include digital transformation, data privacy, cyber security and counter fraud strategy.  Her superpower is being able to seamlessly link technical and business teams to deliver secure outcomes.

We also have a range of affiliate services that we can call on to meet specific requirements.  All of our affiliate services are carefully selected to align to our core values of service, quality and flexibility.  We can augment our delivery with dark web monitoring and investigation,  Microsoft M365 and Azure security configuration, AWS security and application of security frameworks including NIST, SOC2 or CyberEssentials.

Leaders often assume that they can build, implement and improve security management systems with existing resource, adding security responsibilities to their Head of Operations or IT.  This is a false economy that costs more in the long run - you woudn't set up an HR function without an expert in HR policies and processes, nor would you replace your heating system without the help of a qualified heating engineer. So why would you risk doing that with security that underpins your whole organisation? RTG Commercial Services take time to understand your priority, budget and objectives so that proposals are tailored specifically to your needs.  Every business is unique, and every business needs a unique security solution based on experience, knowledge and collaboration.  From our very first call, that is how we work with you - no cut and paste policies from other clients, no gold-plated security that gets in the way of doing the day job.  Just simple, systematic focused delivery that results in streamlined secure business operations.

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