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RTG Commercial Services Ltd launch Security Health Check service!

The Rising Tide of Data Leaks: Introducing our Security Health Check

In the digital age, data is often likened to oil – a valuable resource that powers the modern world. But just like an oil spill can have disastrous environmental consequences, a data leak can wreak havoc on individuals and organisations alike. The tidal wave of data leaks in 2023, including from Police Service Northern Ireland, WHSmith, University of Manchester Norfolk and Suffolk Police, continues to make headlines - highlighting a widening gap between organisation security and the needs of their customers - 91% of people care about their data privacy and 84% are prepared to take action to protect it (Consumer Perspectives on Data Privacy, Accent November 2021) .

A 'health check' on security and data processes is increasingly vital. This blog explores the risk of data leaks, the benefits of regular security health checks, and explain how we can support you to assess and manage your security risk.

The Escalating Problem of Data Leaks

Data leaks can occur from various points within an organisation, intentionally, accidentally, or through cyber-attacks. With increasing amounts of data being generated and stored, the scale of potential damage continues to grow. Personal information, financial data, intellectual property, and more are at risk, emphasising the critical need for robust data privacy processes.

The Need for a Security Health Check

Recognising our clients' increased risk, RTG Commercial Services Ltd are launching a new service - our Security Health Check. Our Security health check is an in-depth review of an organisation's data protection and security practices. Its purpose is to identify vulnerabilities, assess compliance with regulations, and ensure that the organisation's data is handled with the highest level of security and privacy. With regular health checks, organisations can reduce their exposure to substantial risks.

What does your Security Health Check include?

  • Risk Assessment: We review where your most sensitive data resides and its associated risks. This is the foundational step in understanding what you need to protect.

  • Policy Review: We assess your current data privacy policies and procedures and ensure they align with legal requirements and best practices.

  • Training and Awareness: We review whether staff are trained and educated on data protection requirements and the potential risks.

  • Incident Response Plan: We review and test your response plan for a data breach or leak. Are the protocols current and robust?

  • Regulatory Compliance: We verify that you comply with relevant data protection regulations such as GDPR and local laws.

  • Report and Recommendations: Once our Security Health Check is complete, you will receive a comprehensive set of recommended actions to improve your security posture.

Steps to Strengthen Data Privacy

There are steps you can take to protect your data without investing in expensive tools and technology. We would always recommend the basic processes below to reduce your risk:

  1. Regular Audits: Periodic reviews of data access, storage, and handling practices.

  2. Employee Training: Regular training sessions on the importance of data security and best practices.

  3. Two-factor Authentication: Implementing additional security layers for accessing sensitive information.

  4. Encryption and Data Masking: Making data unreadable to those without the necessary permissions.

  5. Regular Updates and Patch Management: Keeping systems up to date with the latest security patches.

  6. Implement a Zero-Trust Architecture: Assume that threats can come from anywhere – even within your organisation – and verify every user and device accordingly.

The Way Forward

In today's data-driven world, a single data leak can prove devastating for an organisation, resulting in lost customer trust, severe financial penalties, and reputational damage. Just as you wouldn't neglect a health check-up for your body, you shouldn't ignore a health check on your security processes.

Regular security health checks should be integral to any organisation's security posture. They serve as a proactive approach, allowing companies to identify and rectify vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

Contact us today and book a free 30-minute introductory call. We can explore your current situation and potential opportunities for us to collaborate. I will explain RTG Commercial Services Ltd.’s services, and we can book your health check at a time to suit you.

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